Loud Oasis

by MoMo Loudiyi

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(free) 03:49


released February 10, 2010



all rights reserved


MoMo Loudiyi Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Cosmic Dance
Allah Allah a Baba Mimoun
Track Name: The Invisible Path
I am drawn to these chants of devotion
I am praying for clarity from confusion
I am seeing the Water flow
Benefiting all plants
Quenching every thirst
And those departing towards the Divine
Will leave without regret, and with a loving heart.

The path to devotion is clear
Though it has been controlled by
guardians of religion
The unique access to the truth
is Love and Mhaba
Whoever embraces it will step higher
towards Consciousness.

Let's praise the Divine
With entrancing chants
And songs of virtue
My chest feels heavy with logs
But the divine will be kind to this home.

Oh Aicha, get up and scrawl
You who spellbinds the mind
You who brings darkness to the light
For the love of the Divine,
stand up and dance
You who lives in the mountains, by the stream,
Aicha, it's time for trance.
Track Name: Shining On Me
There's a voice I hear
Seems so far yet so near
Humming in my ear

There's a bird that sings
One sweet melody
He is singing for me

And I hear so clear
As I let go all of my fears

There's a light that shines
Up above in the sky
It is shining on me

There's a fire burning
From without, from within
It is blazing in me

Now I know that each day
It has always been this way

All the stars in the sky
Dancing with the moonlight
Celebrating with me

There's a rhythm in my heart
Has been playing since the start
Always beating with me

Life is shining
Shining on me
Track Name: Diva (Oum Kalthoum)
She took the stage
All through the night
What a delight

Although you’re gone
You shaped our lives
Held the time
Captured our minds
Your music’s life
Your light shines bright
Swaying me
Night after night

Are you singing
Only for me
leading me to ecstasy

Here comes The Diva
That leads us to higher grounds
Here comes The Lady from Egypt

The Queen of sound

Telling love stories
Of sadness in beautiful ways
Uniting our hearts forever
With joy in the pain

Oum Kalthoum we thank you

We hold you close to our hearts

Oum Kalthoum
A shining star
One spirit
That'll never die
You shared your magic
And this one's for you...
Track Name: A Lilac & A Rose
I was held in between
A lilac from the east
And a rose from the west

We softly tied the knots
Couldn't remember where we started
Or stopped the caress

I was hoping we all could be wise
I was longing for higher heights

Nayana Nayana, Alana Nayana
Alana Naya, Alana Naya and me
Oh the fragrance, so sweet
Tender bouquet of three,
Alana Naya and me

I surrender my heart under Moroccan skies
The moonlight's
Gentle eye

Didn't mean to break a heart
Petals falling like a song
With the dawn colors laying down
The lovely lilac was gone, gone
She was gone

I was hoping it wasn't all in my mind
I was longing for more than one night

Zagada gadaga zagada gadaga zagadaga
Zagada gadaga zagada gadaga zagadaga Da

Track Name: Si tu dis non
Si tu dis non, elle dira oui
Et si c'est oui, ça sera non
Et si tu ments, elle le saura

Si tu dis non, je dirai oui
Et si c'est oui, ça sera non
Et si tu ments, je le saurai

Prends ton temps, elle le verra
Que la douceur, jallit de toi
Et c'est ainsi, que tu l'auras

Prends ton temps, tu le verras
Que la douceur, jaillit de moi
Et même ainsi, tu ne m'auras pas

Et si tu te mêles, elle se rétracte
Un peu sur elle, pour qu'elle marque
Son coup de grâce qui te finira

Tu me desires, je ne l'oublie pas
Et tu te rends compte que je le vois
Alors je ne joue plus ce jeux la

Et c'est ainsi, sous une lueur
De douceur, et de saveur
Que la douleur, s'éteignera

Ce qui ressort, de cette façon
Tous les désirs, les sensations
Un peu cachés, que tu ne vois pas

Si tu dis non, elle dira oui
Et si c'est oui, ça sera non
Et si tu ments, elle le saura